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Visit Innsbruck! The Capital of the Alps

If you are a lover of the outdoors, a trip to Austria is a must! The enormous Alpine mountains that span across seven European countries, most definitely add up to the beauty Austria has to offer.  

Innsbruck is the largest city in the Western part of the country. Its charming pastel-hued houses give this town a unique flavor, and its location is amongst the many reasons why this destination deserves its glory. Innsbruck is 30-minute drive from Italy and Germany, and only a short ride from many ski resorts nearby. Hence, this city is the perfect destination for a weekend away especially if find yourself in the Alpine region.  

Visit Innsbruck – The Capital of the Alps: Streets of the Old Town | Vipper

Goldenes Dachl

While strolling through the streets of the Old Town, make sure to pay a visit to the Golden Roof. Decorated with 2.657 fire-gilded copper tiles, The Golden Roof is one of the top tourist attractions in Innsbruck.  

Colorful townhouses

The uniqueness the city offers lies in the colored townhouses lining along the green waters of the River Inn. With a total of 12 bridges adorning the Inn, make sure to use the endless photo potential these houses offer.  

Colorful townhouses | Vipper

Maria-Theresien Strasse

Maria-Theresien Strasse is the perfect place to take a break from all of the exploring and enjoy a nice lunch. The pedestrianized street is filled with souvenir shops and outdoor cafes. That being said, this might be just the right place for a well-deserved break on a sunny day.  

Town Tower

Climbing the 31-metre high Town Tower offers amazing views over Innsbruck. For just a couple of euros, you can climb the tower and enjoy the scenic view of the city of Innsbruck.  

The Old Town

The Old Town is the most picturesque, charming part of the city. There is a pedestrian area with lots of shops, bars and restaurants for you to sit back and enjoy all the medieval buildings surrounding the area. 

The Old Town, Innsbruck | Vipper

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