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The city of London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and the largest city in the whole of Europe. London is among the oldest cities in the world stretching almost two millennials. London is a cosmopolitan and cultural center located in the southeast of England. The city of London has a population of over 8 million and more than 300 languages are spoken throughout. The city is home to Buckingham Palace, which is the residence of the Queen and the royal family. Explore London with by checking out our website or why not download our app.

Railways in London

The capital city of the United Kingdom, London is served by 368 railway stations and 335 railway stations are in Greater London. The busiest railway stations in London are Waterloo Railway Station, Paddington Railway Station, King’s Cross Railway Station, St Pancras International Railway Station, Liverpool Street Railway Station, Fenchurch Street Railway Station, London Bridge Railway Station, Victoria Railway Station, Euston Railway Station, and Charing Cross Railway Station. The London station group is a group of 18 railway stations managed by the National Rail network in central London. Most of these stations are terminal stations (14 terminal stations) that are serving major national services or local passenger routes.

Waterloo Railway Station

Waterloo Railway Station is a central station in the Waterloo area. The station is managed by Network Rail. The Waterloo Railway Station code is WAT and the IATA code is QQW. This station serves over 94.2 million passengers in one year.

Paddington Railway Station

Paddington Railway Station is a central railway station and London Underground station in the Paddington area. The station is owned by Network Rail. Paddington Railway Station has station code PAD and IATA code QQP. This station serves more than 44.8 million passengers per year. Today, this station is famous for the statue of the Paddington Bear that is under the clock on Platform 1.

King's Cross Railway Station

King’s Cross Railway Station is one of the busiest train stations in the United Kingdom. This station links London with Edinburgh in Scotland. Network Rail owns and manages the station. King’s Cross Railway Station has station code KGX and IATA railway code QQK. During the year the station handles more than 32.5 million passengers.

St Pancras International Railway Station

St Pancras Railway Station is known as London St Pancras or St Pancras International. This station is located in north London. HR1 is the owner of the station. The station code is STP, SPX, and the IATA railway code is QQS. The number of passengers that St Pancras Railway Station serves is over 36 million. It is home to Eurostar and has a lot of restaurants, shops, and bars, including the longest Champaign bar in Europe. Paris or Brussels can be reached in less than 3 hours and Amsterdam in less than 4 hours. St Pancras Railway Station offers high-speed domestic or international rail links.

Liverpool Street Railway Station

Liverpool Street Railway Station is a central London railway station, located in the city of London, in the heart of the City’s financial district. The station code is LST and the IATA railway code is ZLS. It is owned and managed by Network Rail. Liverpool Street Station handles more than 65.9 million passengers a year. It is the third busiest station in the United Kingdom. At the station, there are a lot of shops and most of them are on the upper mezzanine level. Liverpool Street Railway Station has high-speed connections to the coast and countryside.

Fenchurch Street Railway Station

Fenchurch Street Railway Station is located on the southeastern corner of the City of London. It is one of the smaller stations in London and it is managed by c2c. Fenchurch Street Railway Station has station code FST. The station handles over 17 million passengers a year. Fenchurch Street Railway Station has a commuter line connecting south Essex with the city of London.

London Bridge Railway Station

London Bridge Railway Station is located in the Southwark district of the city of London. The station code is LBG and it is managed by Network Rail. London Bridge Railway Station is the 4th busiest train station in the United Kingdom. It handles more than 56 million passengers a year. This station connects other main stations in London, including Waterloo, Blackfriars, Cannon Street, and Charing Cross.

Victoria Railway Station

Victoria Railway Station is named after the nearby Victoria Street in the Victoria area of central London in the City of Westminster. The train station is owned and managed by Network Rail. Victoria Railway Station has a station code VIC and IATA railway code ZEP. It handles more than 74 million passengers a year. If you take a train from Gatwick Airport to London you will arrive at Victoria Railway Station. There are a lot of shops, cafés, and restaurants where you can spend some quality time.

Euston Railway Station

Euston Railway Station is known as London Euston, located in the London Borough of Camden. The station is managed by Network Rail. Euston Railway Station has station code EUS and IATA code QQU. London Euston is the first inter-city station in London. It handles more than 71 million passengers a year. Overnight trains run from London to Scotland from Euston Railway Station. 

Charing Cross Railway Station

Charing Cross Railway Station is located in the City of Westminster. The station is known as London Charing Cross and has a station code CHX. This station is the most central mainline station in London. Nelson’s Column, Covent Garden, and the theatres of West End are a short walk from the station. Charing Cross Railway Station handles around 30 million passengers every year. discounts - London

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