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Amsterdam is the capital city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The city is full of charm, with so many different things to offer locals and tourists from all over the world.  The city is cosmopolitan with its nature, culture, religious and ethnic tolerance.  The Netherlands is the 4th largest economy in the European Union and the 14th largest economy in the world. Explore the largest city in the Netherlands, the city of Amsterdam with

Railways in Amsterdam

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has a high-quality railway infrastructure and more and more Dutch people travel by train. The most popular railway stations in the Netherlands are Utrecht Central Station, Amsterdam Central Station, Rotterdam Central Station, Schiphol Airport, The Hague Central Station, Leiden Central Station, Eindhoven Central Station, Amsterdam Zuid, and Amsterdam Sloterdijk. These railway stations offer travelers domestic and international routes. Travel by train when in the Netherlands or to the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Centraal station

Amsterdam Centraal Station or shortly CS is the largest railway station in Amsterdam, North Holland, and the second busiest railway station in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The station has an IATA railway code ZYA and station code Asd. It is operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen. The Amsterdam Centraal Station handles more than 250.000 passengers per day. discounts - Amsterdam

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