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The best of Vienna – What to do and see?

The capital city of Austria is home to world’s best history, music and UNESCO sites to visit and enjoy. Vienna, more often than not cloudy with lots of rain and snow, definitely offers a winter’s paradise for everyone visiting the city during the cold months. Walking through the streets of Vienna is a journey back in time, where art and music is splashed everywhere around.

What to see while in Vienna?

Hofburg Palace

From the 13th century until 1918 the Hofburg was the main residence for the Habsburger and therefore also the residence for the emperor family in Vienna. Tickets give you access to the Sisi Museum, the Imperial Apartments, and the Silver Collection.

The best of Vienna – What to do and see? | Vipper


Schönbrunn Palace is Vienna’s most frequent tourist attraction, with 2,600,000 visitors per year. It has a well-deserved spot on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, as a remarkable Baroque ensemble and example of a synthesis of the arts. Schönbrunn Palace park is open to visitors free of charge all year round. The Imperial Carriage Museum, Crown Prince Garden, and many more are also part of the palace park. There is an admission fee for entering this palace and its museums.


This square has its name after the Empress Maria Theresa, the only female ruler of the Habsburgs and reformer of public education. This public square holds two massive art museums that face each other — the Fine Arts Museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum) and the Museum of Natural History  (Naturhistorisches Museum). The buildings are near identical, except for the statuary on their façades.


Made up of several palaces and extensive gardens, the Belvedere Complex is one of Vienna’s most important historic scenes. The upper Belvedere palace is home to the world’s largest collection of artworks by Gustav Klimt as well as masterworks of Gothic and Baroque art. Belvedere has attractive gardens with statues, iron gates and water fountains. Since Belvedere is on a hill you can see much of the city below with Stephansdom’s tower peaking from the sky from the gardens.

The best of Vienna – What to do and see? | Vipper


The Rathaus, also known as City Hall and located very close to Hofburg Palace, is one of the biggest and most monumental buildings among the Ringstraße. An incredible Gothic-styled monumental building from the late 1800’s, this is the place where the city’s biggest events are held. Another great attraction for visitors is the Rathausplatz, an important square in Vienna for its size and the singular designs of nearby buildings.

Hundertwasser House

The Hundertwasserhaus forms a mosaic of shapes, colours and pillars in the typical fashion associated with artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The design comes as no surprise, given Hundertwasser was the creative brain behind one of Vienna’s most-visited attractions.

Vienna’s Symphonies

A visit to Vienna, the city of music, will not be complete without a concert evening at the Musikverein. The concert hall contains the world-famous Golden Hall. Here, the Wiener Philharmoniker celebrate the New Year’s Concert every year – attracting a television audience of millions around the globe. The Musikverein offers wonderful concerts with eminent orchestras and conductors throughout the rest of the year as well.

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