Places you cannot miss when visiting Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, and it has so many different things to offer to locals as well as to tourists. 

So, if you have limited time in the city, it will be difficult to tick off all the beautiful, unique, and historical places of attraction. Therefore, I have made a list of the five tops attraction that you cannot leave without visiting; otherwise, you cannot say you have been to Amsterdam!


Take a cruise

Amsterdam is best viewed from the water. On this 75-minute canal cruise, you will experience the best of our historic city.


You’ll come across new architecture and bridges, showing a city that is rooted in history but continues to develop and change. This is a peaceful and economical way to get an overview of the town and decide which sites or attractions you would want to visit next.


Visit Anne Frank House

Anne Frank is one of Amsterdam’s most well-known former residents. The Anne Frank House at Prinsengracht is where she lived in hiding with her family for more than two years during World War II. Now converted into a museum, it contains a sobering exhibition about the persecution of the Jews during the war.


Front of the house is a thought-provoking museum, but the back annex has been preserved to give an idea of what life was like for Anne and the families she hid with. Waiting times are often lengthy, so visit early in the morning or book online in advance to beat the queues. When entering the museum, you will get an audio device that activates in each room. Visiting Anna Frank’s house is very informational and worthwhile experience. 


Visit the Rijksmuseum 

Did you know that the Rijksmuseum is the only museum in the world that you can cycle through? The passage is the tunnel that goes beneath the museum, and you can view the atrium entrance through big glass windows. During renovations, it was planned to close the tunnel through traffic, but the locals protested, and the bicycle tunnel was preserved. It is probably the most beautiful bicycle underpass on earth. Take a ride through it! 

The museum owns more than a million works of art, many of which are by Dutch 17th century masters. Works like Vermeer’s The Milkmaid, Rembrandt’s Night Watch, and Van Gogh’s self-portrait are some of the more famous paintings. The museum also has a vast array of objects and artworks from other periods that shed light on 800 years of Dutch history.


See the Red-Light District 

Red light district

You have likely heard about this neighborhood, and to be frank, everything you have listened to is probably right. From brothels to sex shops to museums, the Amsterdam Red Light District has it all. But contrary to what a lot of people might think, the Amsterdam Red Light District has an amiable atmosphere and isn’t as dangerous as it used to be.

I Amsterdam 

And of course, last but not least, you cannot leave the city without taking a picture on the  ”I Amsterdam” letters. You can find this when you arrive, or before leaving Schiphol airport. So, set up your camera, put your best smile on, and get ready to make unforgettable memories and Instagram perfect pictures. 


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