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Munich travel guide: Explore Bavaria’s capital!

Munich is full of history and beauty. This elegant looking city offers its residents a high standard of living, where tourists from all over can enjoy its remarkable architecture designed to impress everyone passing by. By spending just a few days in this city and its surroundings, you can enjoy Bavaria’s treasure and fall in love with everything Germany has to offer.

Places to visit in Munich

Museums, seasonal festivalsparks, squares and much more. You can make a list of things to see and experience Munich the right way. Here is our selection of the top five places to visit in Munich. 


Used for tournaments and markets in the past, Munich’s main square, Marienplatz is located in the heart of Old Town. Leave plenty of time to experience the best shopping spots and many drinking and eating places the square has. If you find yourself spending Christmas time in Munich, Marienplatz is the spot where the best Christmas markets take place.

Munich travel guide: Explore Bavaria’s capital - Marienplatz | Vipper
Marienplatz, Munich

St. Peter’s church 

St. Peter’s Tower is the oldest church in Munich, known as the best place to get a 360-degree view over Munich. From here, the mighty Alps can be spotted on a clear day. Have in mind that the stairs to the top are very narrow and used for both ways. Going in the early morning hours might be a smart move.

The English Garden 

The fact that there is a park larger than New York’s Central Park in Munich makes the English Garden a must visit place whilst being in the city! Regardless of its size, the best parts of the park are located within walking distance from each other.

Munich travel guide: Explore Bavaria’s capital - St. Peter’s church | Vipper
The English Garden


No trip to Munich would be complete without a visit to the famous beer hall – Holfbrahaus! The Holfbrahaus attracts visitors from all around the world by offering an array of beer halls and delicious German meals combined with traditional German musical performances happening every day. 

Nymphenburg Palace 

Used as a home for the Royal family of Bavaria, this gorgeous Baroque palace is located in Munich’s western district. Residential buildings, galleries and ballrooms are part of the famous Nymphenburg palace’s interiors. The outside however, is a 490 acres big park which has its own map so you can navigate yourself through it.  

Munich day trips

Although Munich has so much to offer when visitors come to town, there are some destinations in or close to Bavaria that you do not want to miss! 

Spend a day in Memmingen 

Memmingen is a small but charming town based in Swabia, Bavaria. Here, you will get to enjoy its colorful scenery, witness the German history and stroll through the streets of Memmingen’s Old Town where lots of churches, historic buildings and museums can be found.  

Spend a day in Memmingen | Vipper
Colorful square in the heart of Memmingen

Visit Salzburg in Austria 

Only an hour and a half drive from Munich, the town of Salzburg is home to one of the biggest medieval fortresses in Europe. Spending a day in this town might be just enough for you to experience the magical streets of Salzburg. As the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, you get to visit his birthplace, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Visit Salzburg in Austria | Vipper
Salzburg historic district in spring, green leaves and sunshine, Austria

Enjoy the beauty of Nuremberg

Wandering around the cobbled streets of Nuremberg is easy. Close enough for a day trip from Munich, this German city that was once in ruins is now a medieval charming city with so many sights for you to explore. Exceptional views from castle walls, museums speaking for the dark days of WWII, colorful quaint buildings and cute narrow streets – Nuremberg has so much to offer. 

Enjoy the beauty of Nuremberg | Vipper
05 August 2019, Nuremberg, Germany: old town street with its traditional half-timbered houses is a popular tourist attraction in Germany.

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