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Five things you need to see on your visit to Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Known for its outstanding architecture, trendy cafes and biggest port in all of Europe, Rotterdam is much more than just Amsterdam’s neighbour. Once in ruins after the World War II, Rotterdam is now the fastest growing touristic city in Holland with a lot to offer.

We have made a list of five most popular places to experience while visiting Rotterdam.

The Cube Houses

Designed back in the 1980’s, the Cube Houses (dutch: Kubuswoningen) are an eye-catcher to everyone visiting the city. Designed by the famous architect Piet Blom, these iconic cubes are all built at 45 degrees. Inside this complex, you can find a small museum by the name of ‘Kijk-Kubus’ (English: Watch Cube). Here you can get to see these unique cubes’ interiors. 

Cube houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands | Vipper
Rotterdam, Netherlands – May, 2018: Cube houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Famous tourist landmark in South Holland

Euromast Tower

Euromast Tower is a 185 metres high observation tower, making it the tallest building in the Netherlands. The building offers stunning views over the city, as well as a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious dinner.

Five things you need to see on your visit to Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Euromast Tower | Vipper


If you are a first-time visitor in Rotterdam, make sure to pay a visit to the iconic horseshoe-shaped Markthal. This outstanding architectural construction, located just across the Cubic Houses, holds a mix of shopping mall, living spaces, restaurants and shops. With more than 40 market stalls, the variety of international and local dishes is cosmic.

Markthal in Rotterdam | Vipper

Rotterdam Central Station

When focusing on the divine architecture Rotterdam offers, The Central Railway Station is one of the most distinctive architectural structures in the city. Its triangular shape made from stainless steel and glass roof has been very popular among travelers and visitors.

Rotterdam Central Station | Vipper

Erasmus Bridge

The famous Maas river which flows through Rotterdam is richly adorned with many bridges, one of whom is the Erasmus Bridge. Names as “The Swan” by the locals, the Erasmus Bridge has a height of 139 meters, making it an extremely noticeable landmark of the city of Rotterdam. If wish to enjoy this view, you can visit the NHow bar and restaurant. This place offers a nice terrace overlooking the Erasmus Bridge along with the Rotterdam skyline.

Five things you need to see on your visit to Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Erasmus Bridge | Vipper

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