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Experience Luxembourg like a local

Do you want to pay a visit to Luxembourg and experience it like a local? Let us first take you on a virtual trip around the mesmerising city of Luxembourg.

Suitable for a day trip or a two-day visit, Luxembourg city, the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is tucked in the heart of Western Europe with a population of over 120,000 inhabitants. As a small landlocked country, Luxembourg offers a little something for everyone.

Experience Luxembourg City like a local: Grand Ducal Palace | Vipper

Start your day with brunch at the Chocolate Hous

Located right next to the Grand Ducal Palace, you can spend hours trying to decide what sweets to treat yourself to after the delicious breakfast/lunch, the options are endless.

Take a stroll through the cobbled streets of the Old Town.

Here you can visit the Grand Ducal Palace. As the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Grand Ducal Palace captivates with its astonishing renaissance architecture. This royal palace opens its doors to visitors from mid-July until the end of August, but you can admire its majestic exteriors all year long.

 Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg | Vipper
Cobbled streets of Luxembourg
Free some time to visit Casemates du Bock

The Casemates du Bock, which is a 17-kilometre-long tunnel and an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most visited sites in Luxembourg City. Created by the Spanish in 1644, this underground tunnel has sheltered over 35,000 soldiers and citizens during World War II.

Don’t forget to put Passerelle on your list while you’re in Luxembourg.

Also known as the Old Bridge, the Passerelle offers a splendid panoramic view over Luxembourg City. Built between 1859 and 1861, it connects the city centre with the new railway station. If you enjoy taking photographs, this is the right place to get some gorgeous sunset photos.

Passerelle - The city of Luxembourg at dawn | Vipper
The city of Luxembourg at dawn
Make sure to stop by the “Monument of Remembrance“

Commonly known as “Gëlle Fra” or “Golden Lady”, this monument is a a war memorial located at the center of the city, dedicated to all the Luxembourgers who volunteered in both World Wars as well as the Korean War.

Explore the downtown

Delight your senses with the famous Wiener schnitzel (fried veal) or Kniddelen (dumpling) casserole with Luxembourgish sausage somewhere in the cobbled streets of Luxembourg City. Make sure to appreciate the delicious Luxembourg’s cuisine influenced by the French in one of the many fine dining restaurants around the centre of the city.

When thinking about grabbing a drink, The Office is a must-visit bar in Luxembourg City. A place which offers a pleasant working environment by day, quickly turns into a paradise by night. Enjoy its industrial style co working hubs, grab some delicious snacks and be part of the most unique café concept in all of Luxembourg.
You can also visit: Max + Moritz; Buvette; Scott’s Pub.

If your Luxembourg visit is scheduled in September, make sure pay a visit to the Schwéidsbenger Wäifescht

A wine festival in a small town just a short trip away from the capital, where you can drink freshly poured wine out of a village fountain! Trying these traditional wines along with tasting some special Luxembourgish dishes is a unique experience one must not skip while in Luxembourg.

You can also visit:
European Court of Justice
Galeries Lafayette
Luxembourg City Hall
Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art
Notre-Dame Cathedral

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