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Dusseldorf – Top thing to do in the city

Mesmerizing historic architecture

Düsseldorf is dotted with centuries of history, and a journey through the city is just like a journey back in time.Ìn Dusseldorf there are countless monuments echoing stories of wars, destruction and peace. It is not necessary for one to be a historian to appreciate the beauty of these examples of historical architecture

Scintillating futuristic architecture

Rheinturm Telecommunication Tower, Dusseldorf, Germany | Vipper
Rheinturm Telecommunication Tower

The historic buildings in Dusseldorf share a skyline with spectacular modern architecture. The Rheinturm Telecommunication Tower is the pride of Dusseldorf’s cityscape and features a revolving restaurant and uninterrupted views for miles from its observation deck. Dusseldorf’s contemporary architecture proves without a doubt that this historic city is also an international city of the 21st century.

European luxury shopping street

There is shopping and then shopping in Konigsallee, Europe’s most beautiful shopping street. The biggest names in the fashion world, such as Prada, Armani, Tiffany, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, encourage customers with their premium products. Even a window shopping spot on this street is enough to discover why Dusseldorf is considered a fashion destination.

Amazing museums

Düsseldorf is proud of its art and culture, and thus home to some of the most sought-after museums and galleries in Europe. Kunstsammlung, with its unsurpassed collection of modern art; Classic Remise, with its bald array of vintage cars; The Neanderthal Museum, which displays an exciting display of human evolution; and the underground modern art museum Kunst im Tunnel is nothing less than found treasures.

Lush Greenery

For a city that loves its architecture, Dusseldorf is incredibly green. Trees lined with trails are a very common sight as they travel through the city. Dusseldorf also nurtures its green lungs: Nordpark, Hofgarten, Benrath Park, Sudpark, Zoopark and Rheinpark. These oases offer shade from the sun and places to relax and rejuvenate from city traffic.

Paradise embankment

 Rhine river, Dusseldorf | Vipper

The banks of the Rhine alone are worth a visit to Düsseldorf. Make sure to spend a few hours of walking or cycling down the embankment, perhaps catching the sunrise or sunset. Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely river cruise. Summer tourists can catch up with Japan Day, the Rhine Fair, the Cartwheel Championship or an outdoor movie to further enhance the holiday enjoyment factor.

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