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Cologne’s Top 5 Hotspots – Your essential guide!

Cologne is the largest city of the North Rhine-Westphalia region in Germany. A vibrant city that offers its visitors beautiful architecture, charming squares, delicious pastries, and a whole lot more. Home to the world-famous pretzels and some of the best German beers, Cologne can make your trip to Germany a delight for all your senses. 

Cologne Cathedral 

It is impossible to miss the great Cologne Cathedral (Kolner Dom) as it dominates the city’s skyline. With the ability to hold more than 20,000 people, the Cologne Cathedral was one of the highest structures in the world back in the 1800s. Today, the completed towers remain to be one of Germany’s most impressive sites. Visiting the insides of the cathedral is free. Getting on top of the tower however, costs 3 euros. 

Hohenzollern Bridge 

The Hohenzollern Bridge that crosses the Rhine river is another popular hot spot in Cologne. Covered with thousands of love padlocks, this bridge takes you right to the Cologne Cathedral. If you are interested in decorating the bridge with your own “love lock”, make sure to skip the part of throwing the key into the river. 

Explore New Cologne 

Cologne’s gothic architecture may be dominating around the city, but there is still one modern district at the port area where lots of contemporary architectural masterpieces can be found. Rheinauhafen is one of the newest districts in Cologne. It gives the city an impressive contrast when compared to the historical parts of Cologne. 

Old Town 

Take a stroll through Cologne’s charming squares located in the Old Town. Visit many cafes and restaurants alongside the banks of Rhine River, and try the famous Kolsch beer. The Old Town is only minutes away by foot from the Cathedral, so make sure to find few hours to explore the best parts of the city.  

A walk in the park 

Cologne offers lots of nice parks in which a visitor can enjoy its shades on a sunny day and have a taste of the famous German Kölsch Beer. Volksgarten ParkRheinpark and many more offer a great city break from the busy squares of Cologne.  

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